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So soft is the yarn, so light is the weight, so gorgeous is the combination of digitally printed colors in lines of zigzagged rainbows going diagonally over the fabric to create this stunning wool/mohair knit from Italy! Colors include shades of grays, pink, blue, and ivory. Pattern repeats at 25in. The loose jersey knit increases the transparency effect of this fabric. You may want to reinforce it with a fusible knit stabilizer/interfacing if your garment has some fitted sections. This fabric is most suitable for loose and flowing sweater jackets, tunics, dresses, and skirts. Wool/Mohair/Acrylic blend. 60in H/D.

Coordinate with Pontey-Blue 17-0833Lauren-Winter White 16-0827W,  or HeatherGray 17-0802.

ZDream-B is not included in a catalog sampler. Please email us at service@sawyerbrook.com if you wish to obtain a swatch of this fabric.

Item No.: 17-0925B

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