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Very soft and lightweight wool and silk fibers in deep sea blue and antique gold are woven to create the houndtooth pattern of this fine Italian fabric. Suitable for jackets, skirts, pants, dresses, and lightweight coats. Wool / Silk Blend. 60in (D).

Coordinate with Golden 17-0126 , Atlantis 17-0125, or Caramel 16-0627.

Featured Buttons: Philomena (Brass), Tatzco (Gold), Exeter (Deep Blue), Verona (blue).

Best Match Lining: Ambiance in Indigo or Antique Gold. Hang Loose in Pond.

Virginia is sampled in the Spring Teaser 2017 catalog.

Last Cuts: 1.75yds and 2.45yds!

Item No.: 17-0127

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