Twin Gardens
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Twin Gardens

Stunning bright colors of refreshing flowers and delicate butterflies on a feather-light creamy viscose challis to get you ready for new beginnings! The design features a 36in wide floral border at one selvage with a pattern repeat of 26.5 in. A narrower 19in floral border is at the opposite selvage with a pattern repeat of 26.5in. Total fabric width is 62 inches. Colors include hot pink, pint, purple, lavender, blue violet, blue, red, mustard yellow, burnt orange, green, and dark green. Suitable for kimono, skirts, dresses, and tops. You may also use it for a dress to attend a day-time special occasion! 100% Rayon. 62in (C).

Twin Gardens is not sampled. The large print makes it impractical for sampling.

Item No.: 18-0119

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