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Delightfully fresh blue, fuchsia, and green petals with aqua blue drops tossed over a pale lime green semi-transparent cotton jacquard stripe. The pinkish petals are found in large clusters alternating between the left and the right of the fabric. Full Pattern repeats at 33.5in. Taking into account the alternating left and right placement of the clusters, the pattern repeat would be 16.25in. Suitable for shirts, blouses, full skirts, and dresses. 100% Cotton. 57in (C).

Coordinate with Satine-Fuchsia 16-1110F, Satine-Ruby 16-1110R, Satine-Green 16-1110G, or Ponte Knit-Blue 15-1008.

Featured Buttons: Bubbles in mint green, Skittles in blue or green, Applause in fuchsia, Skippy in powder blue.

Tulips is sampled in the Sprinh III 2017 catalog.

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