Sunset Oak
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Sunset Oak

Medium to light weight cotton jacquard fabric inspired by the beautiful knots and grains of oak wood by Milly-Italy. Embossed dark navy of various width trace the grainlines while soft orange yarns cross the fabric horizontally creating a boucle-like texture over the off white background. Suitable for jackets, dresses, skirts, and pants. 100% Cotton. 58in (C).

Featured Buttons: Contempo, Hereford, Scooped.

Coordinate with Medium DenimFlex-Navy 17-0413, Pontey-Navy 16-1101, Pink-O-Coral 17-0805, SoLight-Pink 17-0820P.

Sunset Oak is sampled in the Fall Teaser 2017 catalog.

Last Cuts: 1.13yds and  2.88yds ! 

Item No.: 17-0818

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