Summer I 2017 Sampler

Summer I 2017 Sampler

This sampler features eight linen fabrics in different weight and textures from Italy, gorgeous printed viscose knits from Italt, colorful stretch cotton sateen, lightweight rayon twills, and cotton double-knit.

The 26 fabrics sampled in this catalog are arranged in the following order: 

17-0520 LinenPanes, 17-0514 HKLinen-Yellow, 17-0523 FloraLinen, 17-0516 LTLinen-White, 17-0522 MDLinen-TEX, 17-0521 RayLine-White, 17-0426R Geo-Red, 17-0427 Rounds, 17-0503 Jersey-Apricot, 17-0501R Cecelia-Red, 17-0501G Cecelia-Gray, 17-0504 JerseyLight-Fuchsia, 17-0506B Pixels-Blue, 17-0506R Pixels-Red, 17-0505B Dunia-Blue, 17-0505P Dunia-Pink, 17-0507 Fancy Fans, 17-0510 TwillFlex, 17-0512 Satine-Camel, 17-0508 Scribbles, 17-0525W TwoSoft-Off-White, 17-0525B TwoSoft-Blue, 17-0509B RayFlex-Blue, 17-0519 MDLinen-Seafoam, 17-0518 MDLinen-Navy, 17-0511 Flamingo.

Item No.: SUMMER-I-2017

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