Spring Dream
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Spring Dream

Denim-like texture of a semi-crisp medium weight stretch cotton twill featuring widely separated large bouquets of flowers. The print is bi-directional with full pattern repeating at 37.5in. The design repeat should not be a limiting factor when placing your pattern. Dress it up with a wool coordinate or dress it casual with a cotton or denim coordinate. Suitable for jackets, skirts, pants, and structured dresses. Cotton/Lycra. 58in (C).

Coordinate with Satine-Fuchsia 16-1110F, Azaleas 16-0834FGray-D 17-0212, Diesel-Teal 16-0921T, or Diesel-Gray 16-0921G.

Featured Buttons: Speedway in white, Fairfield in peony or off white, Bebe in white.

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