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Who wears short, shorts? No? What about camp shorts, Bermuda shorts, skorts, crops, ankle pants or traditionally styled trousers? OK, then pencil skirts...Yes.  This very fine poplin is perfect for all your warm weather wardrobe needs. Prefer to use it on top? ... then style a "jeans" jacket or one button blazer. We love the fun colors. Bluebell is a clear floral blue that will work with white, denim and prints that echo the clarity of the color. Aqualine is a toned down pastel, working with white and subtle pastel prints. Saffron is muddy yellow supporting all of today's prints that feature that color. Watch our You Might Also like section on the product page for our in-house suggestions. 50 in (C) Cotton/Spandex

Left to Right

Aqualine shown with Icee in mint and Seaside  in seafoam buttons.

Saffron shown with Meander button in mustard.

Bluebell shown with Port of Call button. Two cuts remain:  3 yds, 2.38 yds.


Item No.: SBO15-032

Your Price: $17.00 /yd.

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