PonchoVest -Passion
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PonchoVest -Passion

Imagine the fun you will have in making this beautiful poncho out of textured boiled wool jacquard knit for yourself or someone you love. The pattern is already laid out for you on the fabric. All you need to do is cut it out tracing the pattern and.. Voila! A beautiful poncho vest is ready to wear in 15 minutes or less without any sewing or edge finishing. Add your unique touch with embellishments or connect to it sleeves of contrasting fabric and/or color to make an original coat. 80% Wool/20% Polyester. Oval Panel Dimensions: 57in wide x 45in long (D).

The PonchoVest is a great practical alternative to coats and jackets during the seasons transition and makes a great gift idea. Wear it outdoors or indoors to stay warm while making a beautiful fashion statement!

Style 17-SO0901: Heather gray with beige undertone background and a large border of embossed furry flowers in fiery orange, gray, and a bit of white. Furry embossed trims in gray at the armholes and the edge provide the final built-in finish.

Want it precut and ready to wear? Simply ask us to cut it for you - No Extra Charge!

Item No.: 17-SO901

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