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Uniquely gorgeous large square shawl in 100% wool challis. It is so soft and so light you may think it's made of silk and cashmere! Digitally printed with wide diagonal stripes in fuchsia and rose dust that cover half the shawl transitioning into fuchsia and deep violet, ending in deep violet and dark lavender stripes as they reach the corner of the second half. Topping the stripes, and going at 90 degree of the diagonals, we see a line of large splashes of dark orange and soft yellow swirls that seem to make up the first leg of an X, with a line of turquoise blue swirls making up the second leg. 100% Wool. 55in x 55in (H/D).

Also available in Monique-Red 16-S15314R and Monique-Turquoise 16-S15314T

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