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Missoni zigzag pattern in a gorgeous lightweight wool lace using thick yarns of varying shades of red, fuchsia, coral and burgundy with light gray and black accents. The zigzag pattern runs vertically along the selvage. You may lay the pattern horizontally or vertically. To obtain horizontal zigzag lines, lay the patter at 90% from selvage. You may even place it at 45 degrees to create some unique effects.

Note that this is a wool lace made of thick yarn. Therefore the lace will tend to naturally stretch under its own weight when draped in the horizontal direction. Suitable for coats, jackets, tunics, cardigans, dresses, and skirts. 85% Wool/ 15% Nylon. 49in (D).

Coordinate with Lady-In-Red 16-0826R, Pontey-Gray 16-0846, PonteLight-Red 16-08024R or Scarlet 16-0836.


Item No.: 16-0926

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