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Variegated colorful yarns twist across a deep sea blue gauze foundation creating rows of boucle in varying shades of blue, soft yellow, and pink. Suitable for jackets, skirts, and structured dresses. Whatever you make with it, we recommend lining it. Wool / Rayon / Nylon Blend. 63in (D).

Coordinate with Atlantis 17-0125, Golden 17-0126, Grace 16-0210, LeSaxe 17-0906, or Lilac 16-0127.

Featured Buttons: Reflector (Light Blue), Fairfield (Navy), Tommy (Navy), Yale (Blue Teal), Furo (Navy).

Best Match Lining: Ambiance in Indigo or Dark Navy. Hang Loose in Ponds

Item No.: 17-0133B

Your Price: $28.00 /yd.

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