Houndstooth-Spice Brown
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Houndstooth-Spice Brown

Classic small scale houndstooth jacquard in black and spice brown on lightweight Ponte double-knit. Back side has a tweed texture and may be used for added contrast. Suitable for dresses, tops, sweater jackets, skirts, and close-fitting pants. 96% Rayon/ 4% Spandex. 45in (C-Flat).

Featured Buttons: Hereford , Clarity, Dartmouth,

Coordinate with PonteLight-Spice Brown 17-0813, Herring-Spice Brown 17-0812, PonteLight-Black 17-0114, Maxine 16-0408, or Pontey-Black 16-1102.

Houndstooth-Spice Brown is sampled in the Fall Teaser 2017 catalog.

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