Floral Rain
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Floral Rain

Absolutely beautiful, delicately balanced blend of wool and viscose challis digitally printed with small flowers that appear to be raining in the dark night and falling to the ground in a gorgeous arrangement creating a 24in floral border. This self-coordinating fabric provides many options for garment ideas. Colors include pink, fuchsia, rusty orange, blue, green, light brown, and ivory over a black background. This fabric is semi-shear. We recommend black lining if making a dress or a skirt. Suitable for tops, dresses, or skirts. 80% Rayon/ 20% Wool. 56in (H/D).

Floral Rain is not included in a catalog sampler. Please email us at service@sawyerbrook.com if you wish to obtain a swatch of this fabric.

Item No.: 17-0930

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