Fall IV 2017 Sampler

Fall IV 2017 Sampler

While neutral tones of brown and blues seem to dominate this sampler, we managed to spice it up with beautiful prints, a luscious spring wine stretch silk charmeuse, two Ponte knit solids in red plum and soft winter pink, and two medium weight stretch soft wool flannel fabrics in pink raspberry and blue turquoise!

The 20 fabrics sampled in this catalog are arranged in the following order: 

17-0936 Terra, 17-0935 Soie Crepe, 17-0937 Shark, 17-0906 LeSaxe, 17-0952M Splashing-Blue, 17-0944 Borders-Brown, 17-0901S Jersey-Spice Brown, 17-0944R Borders-Red, 17-0954 PonteLight-Toffee, 17-0908 Velvet Herring, 17-0957 Tile Art, 17-0958 Carnations, 17-0919 Charmeuse-Spring Wine, 17-0960 Suede Sparkles, 17-0607 CottonTwill-Brown, 17-0959 Hawaiian Garden, 17-0950 PonteLight-Plum, 17-0903P PonteLight-Pink, 17-0922R Tender-Raspberry, 17-0922B Tender-Turquoise.



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