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Elegantly complex and embossed vertical zigzag jacquard knit in beige and black created with two layers where the yarn crosses the layers to form this unique design. Pattern repeats at 1.5in. This fabric is the same as one of the sections in the Ensemble-Panels 17-0947. Mix and match to create a unique outfit. Suitable for cardigans, dresses, skirts, and close-fitting pants. Rayon/Nylon/Lycra. 56in. C-Flat.

Featured Buttons: Scooped, Bow Tie, Speedway.

Coordinate with Ensemble-Panels 17-0947 and/or Ensemble-Cords 17-0946.

Ensemble-Zigzag is sampled in the Fall II 2017 catalog.

Item No.: 17-0945

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