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We just loved discovering this self-contrasting fabric! A lightweight double-sided viscose knit from France. One side features fine horizontal stripes in turquoise, purple, yellow, ivory, and black. The other side reveals a large print using tiny dots of these colors over a black background. When the black yarn from the first side is used over the black background of the second side, it reveals yet another design in pure black. Suitable for tops, dresses, and skirts. 98% Rayon/ 2% Lycra. 61in (C-Flat).

Coordinates well with Diesel-Teal 16-0921T, Diesel-Violet 16-0921V. Ponte-Teal 16-0916T, PonteLight-Jade 16-0844, Knit-A-Crepe 16-1106, and Pontey-Black 16-0913.

Domaine-Cool is sampled in the Fall 2016 Special Edition mailer.

Item No.: 16-0918C

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