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A luxuriously soft and elegantly textured fabric made of variegated chenille strands in blue gray, ivory, lilac, and light beige gliding along the cross grain of the fabric. It is lightweight, with a very soft drape and a loose weave. It may require interlining to stabilize it if making a structure jacket or skirt. Suitable for Special occasion outfits, lightweight jackets, tops, dresses, skirts, and shawls. A blend of Silk/ Rayon/ Nylon. 59-in (D).

Featured Buttons: Brasil, Tortoise.

Coordinate with Finesse 18-0107, PonteLight - Mauve 18-0135, or PonteLight - Rose Quartz 18-0136, or Jesse - Pearl Gray 17-0122G.

Chenille is sampled in the spring I 2018 catalog.

Available in cuts only - Please contact us for details!

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