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Artisan Design - Reminiscent of simple pottery designs, this print is rendered in only two tones. We have this print in three fabrications. The shades vary from each other depending on the fabrication that is printed.  Use them together or choose one. These fabrics could be used in the same garment if the color variants would not offend you. RTW would likely do it, but we sewists can be picky about matching. We just want you to know that although they are the same design, the colors vary.

Ceramics:  This silk georgette is flowy and muted.  The soft amethyst and dusty violet are low contrast with one another.  Suitable for blouses, scarves, or lined dresses.  45 in (H/C) Regularly $25.00/yd Special Purchase $19.00/yd.

Shown with Carnival button in Grape.



Item No.: 15-0510

Your Price: $19.00 /yd.

Just Arrived