Also known as vegetable ivory, corozo buttons are made from the tagua nut which is found in the South American rainforest. Corozo takes dye well, making it ideal for clothing buttons. Lengthy exposure to artificial light can cause the buttons to fade. Under normal conditions, this does not happen.


Metal buttons can be gold, silver, pewter, copper, brass. Generally stamped, metal buttons are some of the easiest to copy and reproduce. Many are lightweight enough for almost any use, but some are heavy and should be supported from behind with a button stay.


This term commonly used in the button industry refers to man-made materials that are dyed, molded, manipulated and formed into a wide variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Probably the most common button material for garment buttons, there is a wide variance in the quality of buttons. We stock only buttons that meet our high standards of quality. Most are manufactured in Italy. When we import them ourselves, we have indicated so in the description. This group also includes acrylics and nylon buttons.


From rich natural tones and iridescence to dyed or painted surfaces, these delicate buttons add elegance to any garment. Surfaces can be embellished with etching or with other materials and encased in lacquer. Mother-of-Pearl, abalone, river shell all have their place in this collection.

Other Natural Materials

Glass, wood, stone, coconut, horn, bone

Other Manmade Materials

Fiber, Polymer Clay

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